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Upcoming events !

09/30/08 -
Featured Poet Tony Brown! Tony is a veteran of the national performance poetry scene, having performed his work all over the country during a poetic career that stretches back to the 70s. His work has appeared in many journals on and off-line, from World Literature Today to the River Walk Journal, and was recently named "Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere" by the bloggingpoet.com. He's the author of twelve chapbooks worth of poetry and in recent years has been performing extensively as part of the poetry and music duo Duende, with virtuoso bassist and guitarist Faro. Duende's released two CD/chapbook sets of their work, and is currently working on their third collaboration. He appears in Newark in a rare solo show.

10/07/08 – Unlimited open Mic If you want to bring a poetry piece that you want to practice for a future competition, we are all for it. Or if you want to give a go at poetry that was discussed at our previous workshop night, have at it. This is our unlimited open mic night and you can feel free to read more than 3 or go over the usual 5 minute time limit.

10/14/08 – Two Featured poets Rhe and Sierra DeMulder!

Rhe is a spoken word artist, practical activist, and craft-enthusiast, hailing from Minneapolis, MN. She began writing at 15 and has kept strong ties to the youth scene, putting on workshops and performances at high schools and youth events around the country. Recently she represented her home city at the 2007 National Poetry Slam as well as at the first annual Women of the World Poetry Slam in March, 2008.

Sierra DeMulder is a member of the Intangibles Spoken Word Collective. While dividing her poetry between New York and the Twin Cities, she enjoys goosebumps, cranberry juice and feminism. Her favorite poetic accomplishments include: winning the Spirit of the Slam award with Oneonta at the 2007 National Poetry Slam, representing Minneapolis at the first ever Women of the World Poetry Slam in 2008and performing in semi-finals with Saint Paul, at the 2008 National Poetry Slam.
When not doing things poetical, Sierra and Rhe can usually be found up a tree.

10/21/08 – Workshop night!
This month's topic….. Music and Poetry

10/28/08 - Competitive slam! Bring three poems and your poetry face and you are more than qualified to read in our competitive slam! All who slam will earn points to be a part of the DelaWhere-Newark slam team for the 2008 – 2009 season.
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